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Bratty Brujita

The Divinely Protected Candle Service

The Divinely Protected Candle Service

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There is a song lyric by Pomona rapper Sugar Free that say’s: “if you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready” and in my opinion that applies to protection work as a whole. If you’re having problems with someone and you feel like their energy is abrasive or that they’re wishing you harm protection work is definitely necessary and preventative action. It might even be a good idea to pair one with an unhexing candle to cancel out the energy that has already been accumulating.

These are also great if you just want to make a petition for your safety before traveling, moving, or starting a new job or business venture.

Most people who seek out protection work “have a feeling” like something bad is going to happen or like something bad is around the corner. Maybe you’re having dreams alerting you that danger is near or maybe you’re seeing yourself running away from unseen forces. Sometimes it’s just a dream but it’s always better to get things checked out and to rule out energetic and spiritual components from your list of concerns.

Our protection candle service is made to ward off negative energy and protect you from harm. The candle will also let us know if there are limitations and if further spell work is needed.*

*But please note a candle is not a substitute for filing a police report or physically taking precautions. If your life is in danger please consult the proper authorities. 

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