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Bratty Brujita

Road Opening Candle Work (June 30th 2024)

Road Opening Candle Work (June 30th 2024)

This after retrograde road opening will help clear the obstacles that you were working through during Mercury’s retrograde that impacted both our digital and irl communication. Let’s redirect and get back on track. What did we learn? What did we process? Are we ready move on or is there more to be done?

Road opening candles are used to help clear obstacles and open the way to success and prosperity. In more practical terms, they are used as a symbol or tool to help people who may be feeling stuck or blocked in their lives, whether it be in their career, relationships, finances, or personal growth.

I do these candles with Ellegua who is in charge of the crossroads. He represents the beginning and end of life, and the opening and closing of paths in life. Sometimes known as the trickster, he likes to play jokes on people so it’s best to keep him and Eshu appeased with offerings and treats. He’s the best. 

The idea behind the road opening candle is that it utilizes herbs and oils to help remove any negative energy, blockages, or barriers that may be preventing someone from achieving their goals or desires. It is thought to provide a spiritual boost or assistance in overcoming any challenges that may be standing in the way of progress. Overall, road opening candles can be seen as a tool for personal development and growth, helping individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve their desired outcomes. 

The day of your burning please say your affirmation and focus on what blockages you wish to remove.

Option 1: candle with over the phone reading✨you will feel the effects of the candle so prepare yourself. Give yourself a few days to see what comes up. Take notes of the things that come to your head before you’ve had time to rationalize it or say “nah.” I will follow up with you within 48 hours of the candle burn to set up a time to chat.






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