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Bratty Brujita

Full Moon Tallow Candle Dispelling Ritual (sagittarius  5/23/2024)

Full Moon Tallow Candle Dispelling Ritual (sagittarius  5/23/2024)

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The full Moon in sagittarius is upon us!

The meaning of dispelling to this type of candle work centers around the idea of letting go of and sending off what is not harmonious. This can be energies, thought processes, people, locations, whatever. We want to harness the Moon’s energy in this candle work to add force to our petition, and then we want to use the two week period between lunations to work on and work through things like unhealthy behaviors and mindsets, it’s also a great time for self reflection and positive affirmations.

For the full moon we’ll be working on letting go, on the new moon we’ll be setting intentions. This ebb and flow will allow us to see greater and more deliberate changes in all aspects of our lives.

Tallow candles are often favored for magical candle work due to their historical significance, practical qualities, and spiritual symbolism. Tallow, which is rendered animal fat, has been used for centuries to make candles. Although they’re not particularly favored for lighting because they are messy and create a lot of soot, tallow candles are considered excellent for specific kinds of candle work. Tallow takes the representation of food as in we’re giving up food in exchange for this petition. The use of tallow acknowledges the cycle of life and death, and the transformation of energy from one form to another. It is a connection to animal spirits that can enhance the spiritual and transformative aspects of magical candle work.

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