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Bratty Brujita

Breakup & Don’t Make Up Bundle ($116 value)

Breakup & Don’t Make Up Bundle ($116 value)

Newly broken up? Or maybe it’s been a while but you’re still having trouble letting go. It’s hard to stop obsessive thoughts about what went wrong and what you could have, would have, should have done? Don’t worry we got you— Introducing the Break Up Don't Make Up bundle, a transformative collection of products carefully curated to support you in breaking free from toxic relationships, dissolving lingering love ties, and infusing your life with positive energy. This empowering bundle includes the Solar Plexus Support Oil, the Obsession B-Gone Anti-Obsession Kolonia, the Unhexing Tallow Candle, and the Sexual Energy Protection Guide. Reclaim your energy, protect yourself from negative influences, and embrace a path of healing and self-growth.

The Break Up Don't Make Up bundle includes:

⚡️Road opening candles are used to help clear obstacles and open the way to success and prosperity. In more practical terms, they are used as a symbol or tool to help people who may be feeling stuck or blocked in their lives, perfect for breakups and ushering in personal growth.— *I’ll reach out with follow up info about when your candle will be burned.

⚡️The Obsession B-Gone Anti-Obsession Kolonia, a potent tool for spiritual hygiene and protection. This traditional cologne is infused with powerful botanical ingredients known for their ability to dispel negative energies and ward off the evil eye. By anointing yourself with this kolonia, you create a shield of energetic protection, shielding yourself from jealousy and negative influences that may entice you to return to toxic partners.

⚡️The Sexual Energy Protection Guide. This comprehensive guide offers practical insights and techniques to protect your sexual energy and prevent it from being manipulated or drained by toxic ex-partners. By implementing the wisdom and practices outlined in this guide, you can establish healthy energetic boundaries, ensuring your emotional well-being and empowering yourself to move forward with confidence.

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