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Bratty Brujita

Aura Detox Limpia with Zarabanda

Aura Detox Limpia with Zarabanda

You’re taking the next step! Yay! Be proud of that you’re taking your spiritual hygiene seriously! This limpia will leave you feeling lighter and more centered. These are performed on my Nganga with Zarabanda who is a warrior deity who symbolizes metal, railroads and is the keeper of the mountain. 

Give yourself 48 hours to process and journal after the limpia stay hydrated and law low. Allow the messages to roll in and allow yourself to feel your feelings. This is a limpia with tobacco smoke, rum, & herbs. And we can ask questions to get to the bottom of things.

⏰If the specified dates don’t work please dm me or email me to set up a different date that works for you.

🧵If you want to add cord dissolving to your service it’s an extra $50 charge you can pay in person. Cord cutting seems very dramatic and a bit violent to me considering we can simply give this energy to the earth and allow the mother to take them. Cord dissolving is performed with sound and copal it can be very emotional— so come ready to sit in your feelings and allow them to flow.

⚠️You must be physically present this isn’t a limpia I can do remotely.

⛔️ limpias cannot be performed if you’re on your period so please plan for a day when you are not menstruating.

🙏🏽 Please arrive wearing light colors. And be prepared to remove your shoes.

Add Cord Dissolving?
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