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Bratty Brujita

PROTECT Nopal Flower Ritual Oil

PROTECT Nopal Flower Ritual Oil

The flower essence of the Prickly Pear cactus can help when you have lost hope, lost faith and are unable to see a positive outcome of your situation. The feeling of being tired of trying, dried up and sad at your core calls for the use of this essence...... when events or circumstances cause you to feel a sense of defeat and helplessness that disconnects you from Spiritual intelligence and optimistic focus. This can happen after receiving bad news such as a diagnosis of a serious condition, rejection, or reoccurrence of the “same old” problem that leaves you feeling broken down and helpless.

NOTE: this oil is for anointing, for candle work, for protection work, and for other magical purposes but not for topical use. 

This nopal flower oil helps to first reconnect your spiritual body with a source of support and guidance. It then prepares your energetic bodies to re-engage by re-aligning the main chakras, releasing discordant energies and strengthening your capacity to resonate at a spiritually aware perspective, restoring personal reliance and faith.

Nopal Flowers hold profound spiritual significance, offering an array of benefits uplift the spirit. These beautiful blossoms embody qualities of protection, hope, and a transformative sense of renewal. When we turn to the essence of the Prickly Pear cactus flower, in moments of despair and when hope seems elusive, the Nopal Flower essence becomes a guiding light, infusing our being with renewed faith and optimism. This essence works as a beacon of protection, enveloping us in a shield of energetic support. It helps to fortify our spiritual core, allowing us to navigate challenging circumstances with resilience and grace. This protective energy aids in safeguarding our spiritual well-being and creating a harmonious balance within.

At times, life presents us with overwhelming obstacles that drain our vitality and dampen our spirits. The Nopal Flower essence serves as a catalyst for inner renewal and rejuvenation. It awakens our dormant inner strength, revitalizing our core essence and infusing us with a sense of purpose and vitality.

Through its transformative properties, the Nopal Flower essence helps us rediscover our connection to the spiritual realm. It acts as a bridge, guiding us back to a place of spiritual wisdom and divine guidance. By aligning our energetic bodies and harmonizing our chakras, it facilitates a deeper resonance with our spiritual selves, restoring our personal reliance and faith. Embracing the spiritual benefits of Nopal Flowers allows us to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and growth.

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