The Full Moon in Sagittarius Tallow Candle Reading + Affirmation

The Full Moon in Sagittarius Tallow Candle Reading + Affirmation

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is definitely here to remind us that change can feel slow and often time is slow. I’ve heard a lot of different astrologers talking about how this Strawberry Moon energy is lucky and will lend itself to your goals and desires. But these candles said “hey to get what you want you still have to purge and change some more.” 

The candles definitely did their thing but they took their time. This was a long burn that went on a good 45 minutes longer than I expected. To me this read as a few things: 

  1. When you aren’t ready to let go it delays your growth. There are plenty of ideas, philosophies and people who aren't going to be able to come with you to this next level. 

  2. This is an ongoing and long process we’re working through.  

  3. It’s hard to get where you want when you don’t know where you’re going. Read that again.

I know you didn’t think we were done growing just because Mercury retrograde and the eclipses are over —we aren’t. The aftermath of eclipse season is still being felt and a lot of us are dealing with the fallout of having to restructure and rebuild foundations that were revealed to be weaker than we thought. Gemini season means we are doing this rebuilding through conversation and through our relationships and interdependence with others.

I’m finding it particularly true at this time, that the most important aspect of this restructuring is first and foremost how you restructure your thoughts. Are we placing limitations on ourselves based on past shit? Are we applying the same old, tired patterns and thought processes to new situations? Cuzzz eso no sirve. Are you someone luck, money, and abundance would want to be friends with? Or are you looking a little desperate? We attract what we are not what we want. 

So how do we attract what we want? —By moving in the world from a place of confidence and clarity. How does this new version of yourself feel? What does the new you dress like, smell like, sound like? And where are they headed? You have to envision the end result in order to embody it. This is the only place in life where it is beneficial for us to be totally delulu. Fake it til you make it but do the work along the way.

Our feelings are changing and they inevitably will have an effect on our physical body. There were big tear piles and wax flows in the area of past emotions or just emotions in general, meaning we will be making physical changes based on these new or more solidified emotions. This can look like moving, changes in appearance or even illness. The way the wax piled up is a reminder to be careful with how deeply you delve into your feelings, don’t go ruminating so far that it starts to mess with your health— unless it’s in the positive and that’s what you’re going for. Most of the candles burned down without a trace but a few left little mounds indicating that there will be external obstacles on this road. But we already knew this. 

RX: The plan of action thus far has been picking a focal point to work towards and working on self confidence to help us be a little more delulu so we can envision the goals we are working toward. We also need to work on the type of energy we must embody to attract those goals meaning limpias and spiritual hygiene. I’ve been relying heavily on my solar plexus support oil for self confidence heading into this uncharted territory, as well as my new spray Obsession-B-Gone kolonia, which is a great help for obsessive thoughts about the past and anxieties about the future.

Affirmation for the this lunation: 

I let go of old habits. I let go of old wounds. I let go of all energies that activate fear, anger, and pain. I do not fear change. I do not fear healing. I make room for new experiences. I make room for a new me. I call in change. I call in luck. I call in joy. I call in fun. I call in my energy. I take back my strength. I trust in my own ability to succeed on terms that I created. I let go of old contracts that hold me to past versions of myself. I am the architect of my future. I create my own path. What is meant for me is already mine. I love myself. I love myself. I love myself. I forgive myself. I forgive myself. I forgive myself. I give myself permission to move on. I am open and abundant. I am awake and ready. I am humble and righteous. I am bountiful and sacred. Asé.

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