Solstice Tallow Candle General Reading

Solstice Tallow Candle General Reading

The Solstice was extremely revelatory for me, and we had a great burn. It was long, these candles were in no hurry but the flames were strong and we had a good rotation with the wicks. I like it. It felt good and positive, some showed lots of changes coming in the future feelings department so that’s something to look out for.

For this it comes down to our choices, cuz what are we even doing? Are we persevering in the right direction? Or just suffering for the sake of suffering while we go around in circles? If you feel confused by the fact that what used to do is no longer working-- that’s what is supposed to happen! If you’re using the same coping mechanisms and communication patterns that “you’ve always used” that’s probably what’s inhibiting your growth. How are we going to walk, talk and move the same way and expect different outcomes?

Walking a spiritual path can be a lonely one because not only does it ask, it demands that we have radical self honesty and accountability. You can only go so far if you refuse to let go of what isn’t working anymore. How can we know if it’s not working? Well there are plenty of signs:

  • you don’t feel fulfilled.
  • you feel like you’re floating and without a real direction.
  • you find yourself trying to figure out ways to preserve and rationalize relationships, situations and behaviors so that you don’t have to deal with changing them.
  • you keep feeling like something is off or missing and you can't quite figure out what “it” is.

So how do we find balance? The candles said to embrace the change instead of fighting it. Will there be feels? Yes. Will there be discomfort? Yup. Will there be the unknown? 100%! But those things will inevitably happen to you no matter what you do, so why stay stuck? You can't change or control what happens in life but you can control how you react and how gracefully you are able to accept the changes. Also, changing a little doesn’t count. And for some of you even changing 98% isn't enough, some of you are being held to a higher standard than you hold yourselves and it shows. So are you going to rise up and accept? Will you have the discipline to achieve the things you set out to accomplish in this life? It’s totally up to you, but the first step is for you to decide what you’re already doing that isn’t working anymore and either drop it or transform it.

The candles showed change in the future and I think it’s going to be in regards to money and wealth. A lot of you work in sectors that require a lot of emotional and spiritual labor, you’re going to have to decide to either get really good about your emotional and spiritual hygiene or pick a different profession. Many of you are being summoned to step into your powers and start learning. Monthly candles are a great way to start, limpias are a great place to start but you have to do your part as well.

Internal changes need to be acted on. So whatcha gunna do?

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