New Moon in Taurus Candle Reading + Affirmation

New Moon in Taurus Candle Reading + Affirmation

I dunno about you but to me this New Moon felt like a new wave. Change is on the horizon and for many of us it’s already here! After preparing the candles with my New Moon oil, peppermint oil, roses and dandelion I decided to burn them on the Earth, it just felt right. All the candles showed significant wax flows to the E and NE and SE or the area of future non-physical and future physical. What does this mean? Well it tells me that our internal changes will also be taking place in the physical.  Physical changes like location, appearance, health, etc are all coming to a head. How are we handling them? How are we coping with them? How are we self soothing? How to we let go of mindsets that keep us trapped in the past or in versions of ourselves that aren’t authentic anymore or maybe never were?

In discomfort and Taurus energy the tendency may be to overindulge— and to that I say maybe consider sobriety for a while if you find yourself trying to escape through substances and other physical distractions. They won’t fix the problem and numbing out won’t allow you to process wtf is happening with you rn. We don’t want that. Let’s feel through baby! With big changes comes new ways of operating. Time to get your finances in order, get your routine in order, get your rituals in order— in fact you may wanna start with a short spiritual ritual to begin and see how that balances the rest of you out. It can be as simple as a sun salutation and affirmation in the morning, or walking barefoot in the dirt or grass before work and thanking the elements. Or if you wanna take that step build a boveda or altar of some kind.

The candles had straight wicks most of the way through telling me that for the most part we can think clearly— the retrograde fog has lifted so time to get your luck right. If luck was a person would they wanna live in your house? Would they wanna be friends with you? Think about it. And now how do we then attract luck with the way we live?

Our surroundings and bodies are changing in the physical so how are we preparing for and accommodating those changes behaviorally and spiritually? We can’t act the same when everything is different— so how you gunna act?

Affirmation for theses next two weeks:

My transformation is abundant. My heart is open to love. My mind is open to new habits. My spirit is ready to heal. My body is ready for change. I heal myself with my actions. I heal myself with words. I heal myself with boundaries. I heal myself with compassion. I heal my wounds from past lives and past experiences. I call in my blessings. I call in my wins. I call in good health. I call in my luck. I call in my spirit guides and their guidance. I am humble and righteous. I am safe and protected. I am bountiful and sacred. Asé.

Ready to learn more? I have the spiritual hygiene 101 course coming up on June 3&4th. You’ll learn to identify energy blockages, spiritual message, how to make limpias and smudging sprays and more.

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This resonates with me. Been going through a lot of new shifts in my life and I’m definitely trying to feel my way through instead of ignoring, self sabotaging or numbing. Trying to take into consideration how those things I feel affect me spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. I then go ahead and work with and through the not so good ones, always remembering to be present in both the good and bad. Loved, blessed and protected. Always, always, thankful. Thank you for this Yvette!


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