New Moon in Capricorn Collective Candle Reading

New Moon in Capricorn Collective Candle Reading

This energy felt very much like okay we slowed down for December with Mercury retrograde but now it’s very much time to put everything that came up for you to the test. Are you really ready to walk away from the things holding you back? Or are you just saying that? I prayed that these candles be a catalyst for the intentions we set for ourselves this lunation, for most of us that has felt like the desire to purge what doesn’t currently (or maybe never did) feel good.

Many of us have been rocked to the core these last 3 months, and it shows. These candles burned clean and SLOW. The wick which represents your mind, stayed intact and grew longer and longer while the wax remained pretty unremarkable. To me this signifies our attention span, and like how long we can stay stuck on something. Sometimes it just means this idea/perception/occurrence is happily taking up space in our mind. But in this context it showed me the cost of never letting go, eventually the wick began to accumulate and entangle and then it began to have an impact on the wax, which represents the physical body and realm.

If what’s going on in your mind is having a negative impact on you physically then that thought process needs to be interrupted and shifted into action. If things from the past don’t add up or make sense maybe it’s best to discontinue using that perspective as a building block in your emotional, spiritual, and political foundation. This can mean grudges, traumas, and unchecked, unverified lore.

All in all, these candles told me our willingness to check ourselves, unlearn, and open up will lay a new foundation for our future. In order to bring in the new you must first make room, if you added up your grudges, limiting beliefs, and toxic relationships would there even be enough room for the new energy and habits you want to form? Would there be enough room for new friends and new hobbies? —Or nah?

It helps me a lot to personify everything because energy isn’t an invisible concept, it has weight and needs room to breathe. Would your new habits get along with your old ones? If love and abundance was a person would they want to hang out with you? Only you know the answer and only you hold the key to your own development. Re-training yourself is challenging but our current energy is perfect for making moves, ready to get started?

Lunation RX:

Cord cutting! Pretty much all my clients are feeling like they want to cut ties. Cord cutting candles give us the full picture of what this energetic separation looks like on both sides and lets us know what needs to be done to get to the bottom of it. I have 3 slots available for January.

Abundance Candle: after 3 month hiatus abundance candles are back! These will be burned in my usual fashion on Jan 18th with a beautiful arrangement and general reading. These candles always make something good happen, so it’s a perfect time to apply that energy.

Exploration reading: These are currently on sale before my new rate kicks in, sorry ya’ll but inflation and I’m going to be doing less readings moving into 2024. If you’d like to sit down and come up with a plan on how you can break some habits and connect with the ancestors/guides let’s talk about it.

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