Lessons from the solar eclipse in Libra

Lessons from the solar eclipse in Libra


It’s Scorpio season bbs,

What I initially thought about the eclipse candles has shifted quite a bit in the last week. We’ve all officially witnessed the horrors of a genocide against Palestine, in real time, in 2023, and this has been a huge moment of betrayal and fear for many. In fact, it makes me look back at the Full Moon in Aries candles that I did at the end of September with a new set of eyes. I didn’t know what to make of it then, but I knew it was going to be something powerful and horrifying. It was a huge betrayal. I’ve included the exerp below:  

“The candles showed many mountains and for the first time I saw many scorpions, which let me tell you is rare to see. Scorpions are a sign of betrayal most were in the area of the physical-future, so things like money, health, work, and living situation. One actually showed a double scorpion which I have never seen with my own eyes. All of us are seeing changes in the physical, either with finances, living situation or employment status and not all of it is for the better. These candles are saying “HEY, pay attention!” 

To me this many scorpions and mountains show obstacles and unexpected events in the physical present and on the horizon. I feel like it’s an indication of challenges coming in the form of secure things that aren't so secure anymore or coming to terms with the reality of what we need out of our situations. The world is changing friends, are you changing with it? Are you saving money? Setting boundaries? Preparing for uncertain times? --because the candle is saying a cannon event is coming.” —Full Moon in Aries candles newsletter 

This energy combined with what I saw in the eclipse candles tells me a few things about how this is going to impact the collective:

  • We are all finding out who we are and what we’re made of: I knew we were going to be seeing who the real ones are, but never did I think the writing would be on the wall in blood. We are seeing so clearly now, who values life, who values learning, who has compassion, who has empathy, and who doesn't. This will continue to be a painful process.
  • We are leaving a part of ourselves, our identity, our old life, behind forever: the eclipse candles showed an accumulation of wax and exterior gunk that simply fell off the candle. This always signifies that we are losing/giving up something or moving on physically. We are leaving jobs, we are leaving friendships, we are breaking up, we are saying “hey, I deserve more than this and if you can’t measure up then you’re gone.” We’re also speaking up and using our voices and sphere of influence to educate others on the history of Palestine.

  • We are overcoming obstacles that once felt too big to face: the thing about letting go is that you have to want to let it go. It’s easy to say you’re over it, but if it’s taking up mental space-- you’re not over it. When you’re doing “the work” eventually the thing, person, or situation that you didn’t even want to name or look at becomes easier to name and look at. A lot of us are walking away from things we never thought we could live without and that’s good! Don’t look back. Integrate these experiences, it’s easy to slip into dissociating and we need to be present. 

  • We are becoming more radically ourselves: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the function of brujeria is liberation! Every step you take toward knowing yourself and loving yourself better is a step toward being free. Sometimes an L is actually a W-- And sometimes when we lose, we gain. Perspective is everything. What is meant for you is already yours.

  • Libra season said “baby make room!” Now instead of filling whatever free mental, spiritual, emotional space you got with more nonsense, pause, wait, listen, fill it with love and respect for yourself so that you may discern when someone is loving you the way you deserve to be loved and so you can pass that love onto the world.

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