Full Moon in Scorpio Eclipse Shadow Work Candle Burn Reading

Full Moon in Scorpio Eclipse Shadow Work Candle Burn Reading

One thing about me is that my candle work is exquisite the full moon eclipse shadows work candles were so good.

Tallow candles burning for the full moon in scorpio eclipse for shadow work

Everyone’s burned great and clean. I did the absolute most to ensure this candle would soften the blow of all these heavy revelations and energies. We had strong flames and pretty straight wicks all around so that’s good. We didnt have any scorpions or towers left so that means the energy is well received.

The messages have been pretty loud this astrological season: change or be changed, move or be moved. Think “Move bitch get out the way” like Ludacris, only that bitch is you and you gotta make room for the new blessings, people and places you’ve yet to discover.

One thing we have to have a firm grasp on is that we are equal parts light and dark. The belief that you can escape the darkness by professing love and light is silly. If you haven’t explored or made friends with your shadow it’s going to leak into your so-called “light” in a variety of ways: Passive aggression, anger, resentment, fear, people pleasing, manipulation. Similarly pretending that all negative and heavy energies are “bad” or that we shouldn’t feel them is also pretty silly considering we will always have them and we will always have to learn to move through them. There is no “good” or “bad” feelings, they just are.

Full Moon in Scorpio candle burn for shadow work with roses, fruit and nopales

Post eclipse pay attention to where and when you’re hitting walls. Your blockages will come in the form of old patterns and old coping mechanisms. When you’re stressed how do you act? What do you revert to? And what is usually the resolution? Is it avoidance? Is it confrontation? Who taught you this? All of these are things to question as you move through hard and uncomfortable feelings because if you can’t talk about it you’re not over it and if you’re turning to alcohol, sex, drugs, partying, or whatever your distraction of choice is you are avoiding the healing boo. If we’re feeling frustrated or like lashing out look inward at what unmet needs you’re unable to verbalize. Because 9/10 we aren’t feeling seen, heard, loved, or appreciated and can’t quite put our finger on why. Usually it’s our inner child or teen that needs soothing and attention. And we have to learn to recognize when it’s real. Your feelings are valid, but not always reality. Sometimes how we used to cope or react no longer serves us— so how you gunna act as this new, older, wiser version of yourself?

I will say this about this new post eclipse world we’re in: trust yourself. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. If you feel like it’s weird, then it’s weird. You don’t need anyone outside of you to tell you what something feels like to you— read that again— your spirits are telling you “hey, listen. This isn’t right for you.” And that’s ok, it doesn’t have to have a judgment attached to it.

Another lesson this season is to learn the difference between peace and silence. Peace and avoidance. Peace and absence. They aren’t the same thing. You can’t runaway from or find a short cut through your healing. Scorpio says you’ll find yourself in your darkness, not the person you show the world or the person you feel you have to be, but the person you are. Not your triggers, not your traumas, not the bad or ugly— just you. Do you know who you are? Do you know what your needs are? Now a the time to ask yourself.

When it comes to shadow work the only way out is to walk through the fire. Candle bbs how are we feeling?

🍃For anyone struggling I would recommend burdock root or elecampane root tea if you need some emotional support during this time.

🌼Dandelion is also a great plant ally if you are having tough conversations. I have a spray in my shop for that if you wanna check it out.


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