Abundance Candle General Reading (July 1st)

Abundance Candle General Reading (July 1st)

This month has already been off to an interesting start. And by interesting I mean we’re seeing the horrors of an America that is back to her racist, bigoted, discriminatory self. So in this time of turmoil, of looming chaos, of inequality and crumbling structures: what does abundance mean to you? And how do you create harmony?

I think most people would say abundance means having more of whatever it is they desire and harmony probably looks like work life balance. But listen, I would challenge this notion by asking: can you imagine abundance and harmony outside of the context of capitalism? What does “enough” look like to you if its not tied to your job? If you can’t imagine what that looks like, it’s time to try because baby this ship is sinking fast. Many of us are finding ourselves desperate and scarce having to pivot for the zillionth time, but it’s important to remember you are not these structures, you are not your possessions, you are not your job or social status. How can anyone find abundance or harmony by following unjust rules of this society? Did anyone really think they’d be rewarded and eternally happy for participating in oppressive structures? We are ALL complicit in capitalism and neoliberalism in one way or another so how do we find balance. 

When I do abundance and harmony work I’m not asking for stuff or anything having to do with your job or with money--at least that is not my focus-- because if there is one thing I have learned it is that someone's unhappiness at their job or with their money is usually a symptom of a much larger issue that's both systemic and energetic at its core. My mentor Empress Karen Rose once said something to the effect of: in order to create harmony we must first find and correct imbalances. She also said money is a higher consciousness. So we cannot expect to achieve this elevated level through limiting mindsets like “money is the root of all Evil” or “money = happiness.”

Am I saying people are poor because of their mindset or cus they are not enlightened enough? Absolutely not we don’t spiritual bypass here, especially in the presence of such monumental systemic race, class and gender inequalities. What I am saying is that our thoughts, words, and actions must be in alignment and too many of ya’ll think one thing, say another thing, and do another thing. For example: how can someone truly believe money is bad or that abundance looks like being a billionaire or having lots of stuff and still ask for it with a straight face? Because why are you asking for things that you believe to be harmful? On one hand there are some folks that deep down believe they don’t deserve it and on the other they’re imagining a lifestyle that comes from exploitation, greed, and policy failure.

The candles showed many of you have been putting in the work or working on your shadow self, but it also showed many of you are struggling to grasp what abundance and harmony would actually look like in your life as well as what the function of it is. If you can’t visualize it or conceptualize it how will you make it your reality? We were not born to be workers. We were not born to follow unjust rules. We were not born to blindly amass stuff and things. I’m not saying we have to live in poverty, on the contrary, we deserve nice things, we deserve ease, fancy meals, and bougie activities. But what we’re not gunna do is act like we can attract those things by doing the same shit we’ve always done or by buying into this bullshit. If you want it, be about it.

Correcting imbalances is going to take reimagining what “enough” is to you without the looming thought of scarcity or fear as well as identifying what behavioral, spiritual and energetic aspects of your life are preventing you from grasping it— so that you may come correctly when you ask for access to this higher consciousness. 

RX: I’ve made a fabulous money trauma oil with Oregon Grape Root and Rose Hips in pumpkin seed oil. Along with the Obsession-B-Gone spray to handle spiraling, obsessive thoughts and the dandelion spray for confidence and truth telling. This combo along with limpias and candle work have really helped me get past some energetic and emotional blockages that kept me thinking money is bad or that I don’t deserve it. It started with my inner world and even though I'm still cleaning up my side of the street, I’ve seen leaps and bound changes in my abundance and harmony.

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