Abundance and Harmony Tallow Candle Burn (June 14th)

Abundance and Harmony Tallow Candle Burn (June 14th)

The abundance candle burn was interesting. Some of the candles burned quickly, some of them took a really long time and a few burned down but left small towers. SO what does this mean? Well it means a few things. 1. Some of you have some good things coming your way and this candle expedited it. 2. Some of ya’lls abundance will be based on the harmony you have in your life, and some of you don’t have that harmony yet. So the goal here is to work on the structures that can help create that balance. 3. For a few of you the candles showed physical obstacles in your path that could be blocking your progress. You probably know who you are. If you were thinking “damn I hope this candle is enough to handle all my issues” then it’s probably you. We must remember that energetic solutions are for energetic problems, spiritual solutions are for spiritual problems, one candle isn’t going to and simply cannot solve everything. This candle work is to lend energy to the goals you already are working towards, to tip the scales in your favor and to enhance your luck.

A few candles also showed physical and mental blockages. So what does this mean? And what can we do?

RX:  I say this all the time but if luck and abundance were people would they wanna live with you? Start there. I would highly recommend spiritual hygiene for energetic blockages. A limpia you do yourself at least once a week until you feel like shit is turning around at least in terms of mental clarity and stability. If you’re struggling or feeling stuck it will help. In terms of spiritual blockages I would suggest uncrossing road opening candle work for a few of you and probably the anti obsession spray to help with intrusive thoughts and overthinking. If you’d like a more in depth reading we can definitely set something up. If you’d like to come in for a limpia I’m offering $15 off Aura detox limpias to the bbs who bought an abundance burn. I’ll also honor $4 off the anti obsession spray. Candle bbs email or dm me and I’ll give you the code.

A simple white bath (it’s called a bath but it’s a limpia):

White flower petals

Kolonia 1800

Holy water


White rum

Tobacco leaf from a good cigar 

1 white tea light candle 

In a large bowl with at least a liter of water add a few large squirts of Kolonia 1800, rum and holy water. Crumble bits of cascarilla and tobacco into the water and stir with your hand stating what the bath is for. When you are done like the candle and float it in the water until it goes out. Next you’ll add some ice stand in your shower and pour the mixture over your head. You can follow up by wearing white clothes and changing your bedsheets.

Prayer: “I call on my benevolent ancestors and guides to bless this bath so that it may give me clarity and revive my spirit.”

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