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Bratty Brujita

Solar Eclipse Shadow Work Candle Service (April 8th)

Solar Eclipse Shadow Work Candle Service (April 8th)

!!Before you purchase please read this entire description carefully!!

“The March 25 Libra lunar eclipse was a full moon, illuminating injustice and where we’re out of balance. The April 8 solar eclipse, a new moon AND a supermoon, says “time for action.” No more Libra pontificating. A decisive move could happen now, and eclipses can famously force our hand. The tricky part is whose hands that decision is in. Right now, few of them have inspired us to feel confident that they’re working for the greater good.“ - theAstroTwins 

These will be burned April 8th

These candles will come with a general reading. You are going to feel them. 

These candles come with a one week follow up 30min zoom you can choose to participate in. Just so we can check in and support each other. You’ll receive an email after the burn with the date, time and a zoom link.

Eclipse energy is chaotic, we know this, but this particular lunar eclipse feels right for me to offer this candle service. Personally I prefer controlled chaos than just raw dogging the eclipses that are going to impact us anyways.  We’re going to feel the eclipses whether or not we do candles, what the candles do is use that energy with purpose with the goal of exposing the things that stand in the way of our highest selves. This is shadow work bbs. What internal beliefs and attitudes stand in the way of yourself empowerment?

But be warned:*** it will bring up the things we bury in the dark so that you may bring it to the light in order to examine, expose, learn and let go. It’s going to feel sore and intense at first but give yourself time and ease to process through. For me it was a portal that lasted around two weeks.

Please make sure you have support through this time, be that a therapist, plant allies, or family and friends to lean on. It can be potentially very intense BUT once you’re through, you’ll be through. Perspectives will shift, realizations will be had, and you’ll end up with a different outlook on your past and on your future path.

At home recommended care and prep: drink plenty of mint tea, hibiscus tea, do a thyme facial steam. Put your feet on the earth and center yourself focusing on your root chakra for grounding. 

Good Luck! 

***please use caution of you’re dealing with past seggual trauma, violence, etc. If you’re in a good place and you feel ready to face things do it. If you’re currently struggling please wait until you’re in a more stable place. 

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