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Bratty Brujita

Lions Gate Portal Manifesting Ritual

Lions Gate Portal Manifesting Ritual

In our upcoming workshop, we'll be working with the energies of the Lion's Gate Portal that will reach its peak strength on the eighth day of the eighth month. This alignment harnesses 8/8 energy which is a symbol of infinity, balance and harmony. The number 8 signifies transformative shifts that pave the way for equilibrium and alignment. Leo energy is all about being seen and heard; it also aligns with the sun and solar plexus, where we derive our self-assurance, balance, self-restraint, and determination. 

Something I have noticed in my monthly abundance work is that people run into trouble in their manifestations when they don’t know how to put their highest needs into words or thoughts so that can make it challenging to put into action. A lot of times we get caught up repeating what we don’t want or just simply stating the opposite of what we have right now. Feelings of fear or scarcity should not be the drivers of our highest and best selves, in fact they cannot be. For those navigating financial challenges, this energetic portal offers a pathway to align your thoughts with abundance, enabling you to tap into the abundant frequencies of wealth and resources. 

My teacher Empress Karen Rose said that money is a higher frequency that we must align ourselves with and attract. We’re going to take this time to ask ourselves some of the big questions and formulate affirmations that activate our self confidence so that we can work with this Lions Gate Portal energy.

This workshop will consist of writing exercises and the ritual burning of bay leaves. You will receive a zoom link via email.

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