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The Bratty Brujita Botanica

Birthday Candle Service + Custom BB Birthday Box

Birthday Candle Service + Custom BB Birthday Box

Want to treat yourself? Birthdays are a great time to check in and ask yourself the big questions: Are you feeling supported? Are you feeling guided toward your highest good? Do you feel protected? Do you feel like you are in alignment with your mission? Whether the answer is “yes,” “no” or “I’m not sure,” a yearly spiritual and energy check up is a fantastic way to stay intentional and hold yourself accountable.

For this candle burn the intention is to see what actions are necessary to restore the balance and harmony in your life both energetically and spiritually. Based on that reading I’ll create a line of products just for you, with ingredients and plant allies that can guide you into your next year. 

Birthday candles will be prepared with herbs and oils specific to the nature of your requests and where you want clarity. This candle burn is used as guidance on where you need to steer yourself. Spiritual solutions are for spiritual problems, this reading will give you insight into your own patterns and behaviors as well as what tools you can lean on moving forward. 

Birthday Candle Burn Includes:

  • 1 over the phone or zoom candle reading

Bratty Brujita Birthday Box is customized for every person but may include some combination of the following:

  • Custom energetic spray/s

  • Crystal/s

  • Topical and/or ritual oil

  • Incense 

  • Herbal tea

  • Candle/s

  • Additional candle work

  • Ritual bath

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